What is the logic of lots of gifts in “Jeeto Pakistan” Programme at ARY Digital TV?

What is the logic of lots of gifts in “Jeeto Pakistan” Programme at ARY Digital TV?

This is the logic behind free Google Search, free Facebook, all TV channels, almost all newspapers, Jeeto Pakistan winner list. almost the whole internet and yes, Jeeto Pakistan.

Fahad Mustafa just don’t throw gifts on people. He continuously advertise. Like

And the best thing about this advertisement is people like it and watch it. Unlike other form of advertisement where people instantly switch channel, Jeeto Pakistan winner list. Many people enjoy watching jeeto Pakistan which is nothing more than an advertisement.

No it is NOT a game show. 70% of the segments in the show are no game at all. Here are few famous segments. Jeeto Pakistan head office number.

1. Bigul Bajao Inaam Pao: People Yell Fahad Bahi while he throw gifts on them

2. Khul Gai Qismat: People open random boxes to find prices

Jeeto pakistan head office number.

3. Sahulat Bazar: Random customers of ARY Sahulat Wallet will get discount coupons.

4. Baat Banti Hai: A random person from audience will open random boxes until only 1 box is remaining. Then he will get the gold in this box. Jeeto Pakistan head office number.

5. Abhi Tu Main Jawan Hoon: Elder men will be randomly selected from audience to do baseless dance in order to win a motorbike. Jeeto Pakistan head office number.

If you look at these 5 major segments, except number 5, no segment have any hint of game. Jeeto Pakistan complain head office. They are all lucky draws. And even no. 5 is senseless.

But why they perform these segments in game show? Because they give a wide chance for advertisement!

Thats the logic behind Jeeto Pakistan. An Advertisement that everybody

The logic can be answered in one word: Advertising. Jeeto Pakistan complain head office. The thing is, the gifts which are provided, are by other companies. They send them over to the show, under the context that their brand name becomes shown to the public. You may have noticed whenever a gift is given, Fahad mentions the brand which provides it, and sometimes talks about it. This is advertising the brand. Jeeto Pakistan is one of the largest game shows in the country, with hundreds of thousands (lakhs) to millions of people watching it. Hence, by giving out the gift with the name, The companies get their brand name told and shown to that many people. While a few motorcycles may cost about 4–5 lacs, Jeeto Pakistan complain head office. the advertising turnover is much more. Also, it turns out much cheaper compared to a specialized TV ad.

In short: Many companies send gifts to the show for advertising purposes, because it is relatively cheap. Because so many companies give them, many gifts are available, and they have to give them all. Jeeto Pakistan complain head office


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